About Us
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Our story is all about giving the children the best present for an even better future. 
A collective with a single goal of making mental healthcare more accessible. We offer a holistic approach to mental health that addresses the emotional, psychological and social aspects of well-being. We approach mental health like a symphony, with each instrument coming together to create a beautiful whole. We are committed to making a lasting impact on the world, one person at a time.
Our Mission
To empower individuals to take charge of their mental health and unleash their potential through services and resources designed to nurture mental well-being and foster personal growth.
Our Vision
We envision a world where mental fitness is prioritized, and individuals are equipped with the skills to navigate life's challenges with resilience, and seeking support for mental health is as natural as seeking medical care for physical health.
Rooted in Science
Our approach to mental fitness is rooted in science, drawing from evidence-based mindfulness practices for lasting benefits.
What we do
Mental Fitness Program:
We offer evidence-based programs that address various aspects of mental fitness, including resilience building, stress management, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness. These programs are carefully crafted to cater to different age groups, from children and adolescents to adults.
Individual Counselling:
Individual Therapy sessions offer a confidential and personalized space for individuals to explore their thoughts, emotions, and concerns with a trained therapist. During these one- on-one sessions, clients can discuss challenges, set goals, and work collaboratively with the therapist to develop coping strategies. Individual therapy aims to promote self-awareness, emotional well-being, and personal growth in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.
Workshops and Group Sessions:
MindFlo conducts interactive workshops and group sessions to foster a sense of community and shared learning. These sessions provide a platform for individuals to connect, engage, and gain practical tools for enhancing their mental well-being.
School and Organization Partnerships: 
We collaborate with schools and organisations to implement mental fitness programs and initiatives. Through these partnerships, we aim to create mentally healthy environments and equip communities with the necessary tools to support their members.
Online Resources and Tools:
MindFlo provides a wealth of online resources, including articles, blogs, videos, and guided meditations. These resources are easily accessible and cover a wide range of topics related to mental well-being, self-care, and personal growth.
Research and Innovation: 
MindFlo stays at the forefront of mental health research and continually seeks to innovate and improve our offerings. We integrate the latest findings and evidence-based practices into our programs, ensuring that individuals receive the most effective and up-to-date support.
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Our Team
Dr. Soamya
Founder & CEO, The MindFlo
Ms. Nalini Arora
Educational Advisor
Dr. RK Jain
Paediatric Neurologist
Dr. N.K Gupta
MD Neuropsychiatrist
Ms. Beena Rao
Educational Advisor
Ms. Vama Oswal
Ms. Swati Chaurasia
Counselling Psychologist